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Sunday, October 11, 2015


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Canon IXUS 160, is my  infrared camera after IXUS 145 discontinue, actually  the release between IXUS 145 and  160 is not very long, just the price difference make me to sell  IXUS 145 until it discontinue then switch to IXUS 160, main difference between IXUS 145 is IXUS 160 have  20 Mega Pixel resolution  compared to  16 MegaPixel  IXUS 145, Yes Mega Pixel mean something, save to print at very large. big image mean easy to crop, but i think 16MP is more than enough.

technical specification
digital processing DIGIC 4+,  i like DIGIC 4+ for it fast startup and i really like tracking AF feature because it can take sharp images in corner without loose the focus  see tracking AF performance

Fokus at the lion.

efective pixel 20,0 megapixel ( aspect ratio: 4:3)
Sensor size  standard canon pocket camera ( not G and S series)  1/2,3 inch

lens with  8x zoom:5,0 (W) - 40,0 (T) mm equal to 35mm film: 28 (W) – 224 (T) mm.
nice lens for beginner camera  this is the result of zoom  without sharpen process using filter red.

in my opinion the result is 100% identic  with IXUS 145 only with larger resolution. please se image below and compare to  galeri IXUS 145. if there are some difference only because the the naturial condition when taking the images and difference white balance setting   please click to enlage

full spectrum
filter blue
filter orange

filter green

filter red

filter infrared


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  • 16 Megapixels for bigger printing result and easy to crop the image.
  • Shoot wide  with 28mm  range and  zoom  optic 8x 
  • 6.8 cm (2.7”) LCD 
  • HD movies (720p)  
  • Face Detection
  • Miniature, Fish-eye and Toy Camera Effects

one of the pros of this pocket camera is have  zoom 8X  which is far enough, is not common for camera under US $100 have zoom 8X , usually 5X only.

please click images below to see larger images.

full spectrum

with blue filter
with orange filter
with green filter

with red filter, ( swap channel process)

with  infrared filter ( swap channel process)