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Why Need to Convert the Camera to get an Infrared Images?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Due the fact IR filter is very dark, even our eyes hard to see trough the filter , it's make a normal unmodified camera with attached IR filter will give you exposure times so much longer than when you are working with a camera that is modified. The long exposure can reach an extreme low, 3 second on bright sunny day. This extreme longer exposure times make using a tripod is a must. The  waving leaf create by the wind , will be a ungly blurred images.Sharp images created only on a non movable object  like rock or building. Human and animal?  Sharp images are almost imposible. And remember, you have not to shake the camera.

Here are a few easy steps to do focusing and composing on unmodified camera:

Pocket  and mirrorless camera
1.Place the camera on the tripod.
2. Put the IR filter on the lens. If the lens don’t have a filter tread, be creative , he he he
3. Adjust exposure  with the filter in place.
4. Take a picture

For DSLR camera user , you have to work harder
1. Place the camera on the tripod. Compose and focus. Remember, No IR filter attached, its hard to compose with IR filter attached because you  cant see  through the filter. How can you compose an image if you can’t see? 
2. Turn off the camera’s autofocus.  This step is to prevent  the camera to refocus with the IR filter in place.
3. Put the IR filter on the lens. Carefully not to twist the lens and not shifting the focus you ha
4. Adjust exposure with the filter in place.
5. Take a picture

These procedure will make us back to hundreds years ago, when camera is so large, and we have to use tripod to stand it, in bright sunny day.   This method makes many photographer desperate, or only took a few infrared images. Most of my buyer, have dslr and IR filter, and buy my camera because get tired with that complicated procedure  

Opponent to  normal camera, Using an IR-converted camera is  just like using a regular digital camera. Exposure times are normal. Even sensor blocked with very dark IR. Remember its dark because block visible light, but actually it pass IR,  the modified camera will act normal, since it have enough light      


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