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for sale BenQ C1420 full spectrum and Infrared Camera

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The benq camera C1420 is a great camera to modified, because the good image quality and the price is fairly cheap. The bigest reason is big mega pixel, it do really help on printing. White balance can be customed ( all my zoom camera must have this feature). From my opinion, I like the sensor. It really great and I got information from other web, benq for this style, using panasonic 14MP sensor. benq can not make a sensor, so benq use panasonic or sony for their camera sensor.
All the feature needed in infrared camera supported. This is a good camera

Unfortunately there is only a few image in gallery of this benq, because I don’t have the camera. I already have 4 infrared camera so idont intend to add one.

But I guarantee this is good camera. No need to worry about printing. Good image, low noise.

Just Like all my camera, it will be modified to accept filter by homade resin cast fitted to the lens front, with small gap to insert a small custom cut filter. This holder is design by me, moulded and casted by me. All absolutely hand made. So maybe not very sophisticated but 100% work and usefull.

This form is easier for us to replace the filter. Simply insert the filter in place. Even easier than the traditional threaded model. The filter holder itself is attach to the front of the lens glued with epoxy glue or with double-sided tape (for ease of releasing the holder if necessary) alternative for you to choose.

Camera version
Because of ability to attached filter in fort of the lens. This camera can make a various result depend on the attached filter. as default, i give you 3 filter blue red and infrared, so you will have 4 different version in one camera. for detail about the camera version see my post about my camera version.

Brand BenQ
Type C1420
Resolution 14.00 Mpixel
Maximum resolution 4320x3240
Minimum resolution 640x480
Sensor size 1/2.33-inch
Sensor type CCD
Optical zoom Yes
Focal length multiplier n/a
Zoom wide (mm) 35
Zoom tele (mm) 105
Digital zoom Yes
Auto focus Yes
Manual focus No
Focus range (cm) 40
Macro focus range (cm) 10
Flash modes
anti red-eye
fill in
slow flash
Storage types
Secure Digital
ISO ratings auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600
Aperture priority No
Minimum aperture wide f3.0
Maximum aperture wide unknown
Minimum aperture tele f5.6
Maximum aperture tele unknown
Shutter priority No
Minimum shutter (sec) 2
Maximum shutter (sec) 1/2000
Sequence (fps) unknown
Built-in flash Yes
External flash No
External flash type n/a
Centre weighted
Exposure compensation
-2EV - +2EV with 1/3EV steps
White balance
Video function Yes
Video sound Yes
Maximum video resolution 1280x720
Minimum video resolution 320x240
Frames per second (fps) 30
Voice recording Yes
Optical viewfinder No
Electronic viewfinder Yes
LCD display Yes
LCD size 2.7-inch
LCD resolution (pixels) 230,000
Self-timer No
USB USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
Video out Yes
Firewire No
Bluetooth No
File format
2x AA
Weight 114g.
Sizes (mm) 96 x60.7 x27.7

Price US$ 160
Contact me at shade_an@yahoo.com for more information


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