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For Sale Brica Z990 Full Spectrum/Infrared Modification

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The brica Z990 the cheapest auto focus digital ,compact zoom, modified to full spectrum and infrared camera. I choose modified this camera because it's ability to zoom and autofocus,with very low price and good image.
There are some major concern why I choose this camera.
Big enough image, 9 Mega pixel
Good enough lens, 35mm equivalent focal length
3X optical zoom and digital zoom
Auto focus, provides more focused and sharper on the part that we want
Using AA batteries, camera little bit heavier, but easier to find the batteries

The Custom white balance.
This feature is a major advantage in terms of infrared photography when compared to the camera which rely on white balance preset . Custom white balance can make varied results from only one filter only, Depending on the color of objects that you use as a reference for white balance. Here's an example of setting custom white balance. Not all displayed because it can be quite varied results.

the filter holder
The main challenge in making this camera is how to make the filter holder, without having to destroy the lens or create forms that are too embarrassing. That's because, most of digital compact zoom cameras are designed without the ability to accept filter.
After tries a variety of forms, Finnaly my choice pointed on the form as below.

resin cast fitted to the lens front, with small gap to insert a small custom cut filter. This holder is design by me, moulded and casted by me. All absolutely hand made. So maybe not very sophisticated but 100% work and usefull.

This form is easier for us to replace the filter. Simply insert the filter in place. Even easier than the traditional threaded model. The filter holder itself is attach to the front of the lens glued with epoxy glue or with double-sided tape (for ease of releasing the holder if necessary) alternative for you to choose.

Camera version
Because of ability to attached filter in fort of the lens. This camera can make a various result depend on the attached filter. as default, i give you 3 filter blue red and infrared, so you will have 4 different version in one camera. for detail about the camera version see my post about my camera version.

All just for US$130

For further information , please contact me on shade_an@yahoo.com


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