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The Infrared and full spectrum version of shade infrared

Sunday, November 13, 2011

All my modified camera are design to be a full spectrum camera, wih ability to accept filter, so it can be various type depend on the filter you've attached. This made my cameras are flexible, you don't have to buy 1 full spectrum camera, and buy another camera for infrared, my camera can do both of it.
Here is the explanation :

The cameras itself are a full-spectrum camera, with the result is a normal picture with brown reddish leaves that can be set the reddish with a custom white balance. Very good on taking images of people, because its still almost normal, only the leaves change.

I will give you 3 filter blue, red and infrared .
Version with blue filter. With a blue filter, it will enriched blue sky and reduce the reddish leaves so it become a yellow leaves, very good on creating a nice vibrant false color.

Version of the red, with red filter will block lot of color, and created semi infrared images, but still some color recorded, so the result are very artistic images. With post processing on software like photoshop or gimp, can give you a very amazing infrared images. The red have a result almost look like IR, but with vibrant leaf color. not like IR which created white leaf. 

Versions of infrared, powered with cokin P007 infrared filter. This will give you a classic infrared images,suitable for black and white photography. But since the cokin P007 is not 100% blocking the color, you still can able to post process it to create amazing color infrared images varied with a custom white balance

the result is depend on 2 thing, how user set the white balance. please see my post about white balance. and the camera / sensor character. Please see my galery for samples.


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