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Noise on Pocket Camera Modified to Full Spectrum

Monday, November 14, 2011

One thing that must be concern about compare a pocket and DSLR when modified into full spectrum or infrared, is the noise. One thing that must be understood, every pocket are have more noise than a DSLR. Even in Canon G that in fact it price only US$100 from the canon entry level DSLR.
Full spectrum/infrared modification will reveal the noise more clearly. That because using infrared camera are mostly need lot of digital processing. Changing level, swap channel, hue saturation adjustment, will have a significant result on showing noise.

Please see the review of the photos from my camera that has been successfully oprek in full spectrum conditions (without filter installed)

My method to see the noise, is by view the actual pixel in Photoshop,so the noise are clearly visible. Do not see the whole picture because the noise will not visible.

Here is my result ( the sample taken form a full spectrum modified camera)

Brica Z990 9 Mp CMOS sensor

Samsung ES28 12 Mp CCD sensor

Benq C1420 14 Mp CCD sensor

Canon G7 10Mp CCD sensor

Canon 1000D 10 Mp CMOS Sensor ( DSLR for comparation)

From these photos, please judge by yourself about the noise.

So how to handle it? Use the noise reduction, not in camera but in computer. The noise reduction plugin such as noiseware or freeware noise reduction , it will handle your noise well enough. Just remember, use noise reduction on the last step of digital imaging,Not on the first step. If you put the noise reduction process in first step, the second and third step will add some noise back to your image.


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