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type of pocket camera we can choose to be converted to infrared

Monday, November 21, 2011

actually all of pocket camera are able to convert to full spectrum/ infrared, but in my opinion, there 2 condition to be met to make a good full spectrum/infrared camera, and that is not about the price , but the camera it self.

  1. Please use a camera with resolution at least 5 Megapixel or above. Even we can use 3,2 Mp to make an infrared images, please remember infrared need digital process. the small resolution will make the noise show up badly. I know many people still have their old small magapixel camera, still alive but obsolete, to bad to use for today. If you think it bad to capture a normal image, than if you use it for infrared, it will be worse.  
  2. please choose camera which is has custom white balance feature. This important factor, sometime missing in entry level pocket camera , like Sony, Kodak, Pentax, Yashica, they dont include custom white balance in some of their camera and they are big Manufacturer. Brica and Benq amazingly have the feature for some of their camera which was cheaper than the big manufacturer. Canon and Nikon seem always put the feature even on their cheapest camera. So, the conclusion is custom white balance is depend on did the manufacturer want to put it in their camera or not. Is not about price and brand name.    
the kodak 3,2 Mp. not converted because the result is too poor.
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