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Canon A1200 Full Spectrum / infrared modification

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

my best canon pocket infrared ,using canon PS A1200
technical details
12.1 Megapixels, big enough to deliver a good printing result
28mm wide, 4x zoom lens the wide angle lens eguivalent to DSLR kit lenswide enough to capture the lanscape
6.8 cm (2.7") wide LCD, with extra optical viewfinder which is inportant to framing under heavy bright condition that makes us dificut to see the LCD for framing
other features: Blur Reduction Mode,Smart Auto, Easy mode and Hints & Tips (HD Movies (720p) Live View Control and Creative Filters
Face Detection, Auto Red-Eye Correction with DIGIC 4 processor
using 2 AA baterry

see how to attach the filter

for the result please see the gallery
if you need an original size unedited images please dont hesitate to contact me on shade.infrared@gmail.com or shade_an@yahoo.com. I will glad to send it to you freely


  • Taruna Al Hadiid says:
    July 4, 2012 at 10:37 PM

    Penjual yang komunikatif dan bersahabat. berkompeten dan wawasan fotonya luas. ga cuman bisa jualan aja. singkat kata mas Setyo ini penjual yang sangat recommended.
    Oprekannya memuaskan. benar2 pelayanan yang prima. transfer-barang dibeli-malam dioprek-siang dikirim-besoknya udah di tangan saya. cara ber infrared yang murah meriah :)
    terimakasih mas untuk oprekannya

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