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Canon A3300 IS camera modification to infrared

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One of my customer ask for special request, he want to print his result on A2 size.This is a huge sizem a pocket camera will show all its noise if we print at so big size. My standard camera , canon A1200 will unable to fulfill his specification.  His request means at least a 16 Mp.
After had lot of discussion the camera he choose was canon A3300 IS. a big massive 16 mega pixel, with a competitive price.
Actually in my opinion there would be no big change on lens quality if we compare  about A1200 with A3300 IS. With price difference about $70, all you get are only bigger megapixel, better feature and better looks. IS / image stabilizer? well i never care with that function. i dont like to shoot on dim light and i guess its never be good to shot on dim light in infrared wkwkwkwkwk.
but the fact more megapixel (in my opinion its just boosting sensor for higher size, which is maybe useless because we almost never print bigger than A3 ) can be usefull if we talking about printing. Bigger MP, bigger printed size. So i guess my costumer is right anyway after some discussion why he want to wasted $70 only for bigger MP,since he need to print on A2 and maybe bigger.
so here is the result from his brand new A3300 IS converted to full spectrum. with 5 different filter. its have a good result. if anyone want to get the original sample please dont hesitate to contact me at shade.infrared@gmail.com. i ll send it free

 green filter

red filter

infrared filter

blue filter

orange filter



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