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ghost hunt with full spectrum pocket camera

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My friend Hendri and Febriant, attended to a ghost hunt gathering in my city, Semarang. before they attended to the gathering, They had heard the performance of full spectrum camera to capture the orbs, that well known as  an indicator of supranatural pheomenon. So they borrowed my camera , the canon A1200 for capturing the orbs.
So here is the result, almost all the picture they took , more than 100 images. you can see there is so many orbs captured.
These images , i repeat, not taken by me. I don't do ghost hunt. Belive or not about an orbs, is up to you.
My opinion about these images, theres something in the location that made the orbs, not only because the weather, because all images taken on a same day, same hour, same location, but the orbs location and  quantity and size are not always the same. And of course, my lens is crystal clear.

Just see the images below, belive or not,  its up to you .


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