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preparing CHDK for your canon camera A810 and A1200

Sunday, November 11, 2012

since CHDK for A1200 and A810 already available, you can try to use CHK for pushing your camera more creatively. I use  bootable card method. Here the step for preparing your SD card. 

you should know the bootable card method. CHDK can be configured so that it automatically loads each time your camera starts. This is done via the "Bootable SD Card" method of loading and requires that the SD card be setup specially for this purpose. To use this method, format and load the card, and then set the card's lock switch (the little slider mechanism on the side of the SD card) to the "LOCK" position. Insert the card into your camera and turn it on normally - you should briefly see the CHDK logo, indicating that CHDK has successfully loaded. If you wish your camera normal, no longer using CHDK, just replace the bootable SD card with normal SD card.

But first of all you need to know what is your camera firmware. The easiest is using ACID. ACID is java platform so you need to instal java runtime enviroment. 

then download ACID at 
http://www.zenoshrdlu.com/acid/acid.html   and unzip and double clik the runacid.bat.  After the software run, klik browse jpeg and open a picture captured by your camera. You will find the information. Here the example ACID on canon A810 and canon A1200 images

the most information you need is your camera firmware version.

After that download the CHDK binary from CHDK sites http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/Downloads  , find your firmware version. find on the stable version section, if there are no firmware you need try on Unstable New Development section.

Now install cardtrick   
Prepare your card on card reader and run cardtrick ( THIS IS ONLY FOR 4 GB SD CARD OR LESS )

step 1, klik SD card image and choose which drive is your SD card. carefull, dont format your hardrive. this should be done by somebody who know his computer.LOL
step 2, press format as FAT, follow the dialog. after format process finished. do step 3
step 3, press make bootable. this make your SD card bootable on your camera.
step 4, press CHDK-> card find your CHDK firmware ZIP you had downloaded before. it will unzip the file  to your SD card.
step 5, slide  SD card lock to lock position. insert your SD card and turn on the camera. you should see the CHDK logo appear, means you had complete the process.

what if the camera gone blank?  it Means you choose a wrong firmware. Dont worry,CHDK is not a destructive modification. Just remove the SD card and the camera will be fine. Format the SD card and do all card trick step again


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