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Selling outside my country

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Finally, after 1 year this blog been exist, somebody from outside of my country buy my camera. This is the first time i sold my camera outside my country. And i dont have any experience at all. ( update 16 june 14 , i had sold many modified camera to USA, Mexico, Singapore and Autralia).
i sent it by using Post Indonesian Express Mail Service. The fastest with reasonable price. The tracking code also available so buyer and i can check the status.

Well, actually it make me got stomach ache, since i ve been told by post officer it will delivered in  days. waww as fast as DHL or Fedex with half price?. The fact, noo, it take longer than 4 days. It tooks 10 days.
10 days, i guess its ok for US $21 shipping cost. Its still cheaper than DHL TNT etc. And of course much cheaper than if i had to deliverd it by my self. LOL.       
see my tracking below

for any foreigner who interest with my camera. don't worry. i will do my best to deliver my camera.

what if the camera broke on shipping process?
  1. I try to make the camera box as strong as posibble without wooden case. wooden case will rise weight more than 1 kg so the shipping cost will be doubled  .My packaging have to be able to hold 70kg ( i stand on the  camera box). Maybe there is some minor dent on the camera box. but the camera should be save. I sell the camera, not the box. The new camera box might be dent.
  2. What if the camera still broken? return it. I will return all your money after i received the camera, plus the returned shipping cost ( calculated with shipping cost from indonesia to   destination country  using EMS ) for example country destination : Australia USD$21. I will refund your money with extra $21 whether you send the camera using DHL or cheap air mail. 

Its all about trust, if you had interested with my camera. I can only say "trust me, it will delivered as soon as possible" and what can i do just do the best for you to get the camera as soon as possible.

The highest price for canon A810 infrared will be USD $180, but it may cheaper if your country closer to me just like singapore , malaysia. For example australia will be USD$170, USA will be $175, malaysia will be USD $ 160.



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