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Why using CHDK RAW in infrared?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Why using CHDK? CHDK for infrared photographygive us advantages for ability to produce RAW format. RAW format itself is very useful if had problem choosing wrong white balance, or in other words you dont have to worried about custom white balance.
The following is an example of the DNG RAW from Canon A810. compared with the JPEG.

 DNG RAW Image

JPEG Image 

from these images we can be concluded the RAW image is wider than JPEG. but actually what is captured in RAW is not all good. On the side and corner are too soft make the picture  very poor quality . Soo, when processed in the camera there's cropping process in JPEG format.

Both of pictures was taken using the auto white balance and using an infrared filter. As you can see there are so much red color, and images are soo flat. It would be difficult to process in photoshop if you use JPEG. But if you use  RAW with Able RAWer software, you will get something like this.

and of course after further processed with Photoshop would be better. 

Here is the example

So should we rely on JPEG or RAW?
In my opinion, it's better to use JPEG if you are sure to find the right white balance. Using RAW will make you more busy in the digital imaging process. But the advantage by using the DNG RAW on CHDK  is even if you select RAW format, you will get two files one  RAW DNG  and the other is JPEG. Use JPEG  first, if you find that jpeg is not adequate, then  edit the  DNG RAW.

A little info about RAW, RAW image format is image  captured by the camera, and stored directly in memory, without further processing. the result is more noise, less sharp (in JPEG  had better results because it has been processed in Canon's DIGIC).RAW size is also 8 times larger than the JPEG .
The benefit of RAW is the number of data stored in the image, such as shadow, highlight, saturation. If you want you explore deeper into the Digital Imaging Process, the result will be better than original JPEG from camera.


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