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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Finally, i able to makes some sample using my new type camera, a prosumer camera. it still choose the cheapest prosumer camera, made from fujifilm prosumer S2980, with my modification not only on sensor but also on lens so it can accept a color and infrared filter.

With all the problem i got when i bought   and modified more than 1 year ago. I made a decision this camera cannot be one of my product, and threated almost like garbage, because i accidentally broke the flash, and due some of features are drawback if compared with cheapest canon pocket.

Why i tried this camera again? somehow one of my buyer ask me did i have sample of prosumer camera, than give my just test sample on a cliff somewhere in my town, it absolutely horrible images, wkwkwk, and explain the drawback of this camera compare to canon pocket. 

But he bought it, i ask why, the answer is ITS SHARPER, so sharp compared to canon A810 (emm, maybe is not right to compare cheapest pocket with cheapest prosumer , the price of A810 is half than fuji S2980 )  ,18 X zoom, electronic viewfinder, PSAM ( full Manual control) and had really nice looks.

well, i always astonished with the sharpness of fujinon lens. its not my first fujinon camera, i ever had a fuji prosumer S700, you can see on my gallery, and i had 3 fujinon lens ( i also use fuji camera while using celluloid film camera)
now i start like this camera, why do i forgot the quality of the fujifilm, wkwkwkwkwkwkwk. This camera is perfect for somebody who like lanscape image, when sharp images is the best.    It also good for model, again if you like sharp images. good AutoFocus, and perfect camera for stalker, xixixixi.     

ok here is my conclusion
the benefit 
1.sharp images, good color 
2. bigger camera than pocket, make it very confortable to handle with big grip, dslr looks, but not to big as dslr, so its still not take lot of space.
3.electronic viewfinder, this is my favorite, using electronic viewfinder make battery life longer, and you dont have to worry about sunshine on lcd, you can compose your photo with better way.
4. using 4 AA battery . i love this feature, some people dont.
5. 18x zoom, you can steal photo of beautiful girl far from you, well its depend on you like or not on this feature.
6. bigger filter. it makes easy to handle. 

time to say the weakness
1. Very expensive compare to A810 ( of course, am i crazy to sell it cheaper? )
2. The video dont have custom white balance.This makes me delay the release of fuji prosumer infrared. This camera is really not suitable for making infrared video. a really drawback compare to canon A810. For me its no problem at all, why make an infrared video anyway. But for some people this feature may be needed. don't ever think to convert S2980 by your self or buy this camera from me, if you want to make infrared video.
3. Very limited aperture, it only have 2 aperture, big and small, but its enough for me. you can see my skin tone test images, it using small aperture, sharp from front to background
Please see the images sample below, enjoy it........ 
See how my modification to attach filter on S2980  on youtube , its on bottom of this page



try to make bokeh with tele on S2980........... fail ........... but sharpness still can mantained on this extreme zoom

crowded kids, skin tone sample


  • inka says:
    May 14, 2013 at 1:03 AM

    Hey buddy..i am working on my website products...thsi fujifilm s2980 seems nice Camera..i am basically working on Leather products..do you recommend this to me...

    Thank you

  • shadecamerahack says:
    May 14, 2013 at 4:19 AM

    yes this camera, considering the price, is very good for everyday camera, but if you wish to use it for taking product photography, well i dont say its good or bad, but... product photography is something more advance than just point and shoot.You must mastering in light. Fuji S2980 dont have hotshoe, which is important for additional flashlight. If you wish to go further on product photography, and you still less budget to buy DSLR, please read my article http://shadecamerahack.blogspot.com/2009/04/my-diy-lightbox.html . This may help. By this box, s2980 is good enough for product photography. but what i said good mean its better than other same level camera, i dont say it will beat DSLR.

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