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using infrared camera for counterfeit money detector and falsifying letter

Monday, May 6, 2013

now i have finish my research about the other benefit from infrared camera, not in art but in different manner, actually its not my original idea, but it came from my Mexican buyer, that ask me to check did my camera able to detect a printing fraud.
the infrared camera( a full spectrum camera with 720nm or more infrared filter ), sometime its being dramatized as X ray camera, Deep trough camera, is well known in pervert world, i hate that effect, but i have to admit it, its happen sometime in correct condition.
now i try to make some test on different occasion, so the infrared camera can be useful not for artistical photography and pervert human, but also for research and investigation. this test using canon A810 modified and for light source just use its available flash.
here my example
i got two pieces of  money, one is counterfeit money, other is authentic. the fake one i got it from my friend who be actual victim of this counterfeit money. This counterfeit money is very good in quality, a good printing, and amazingly its have uv printing like the authentic. This make us scary because most of standard checking money is put under uv light to show the uv reflection character.

the money under UV light captured with standard camera

the money under UV light captured with full spectrum camera

Actually if we careful we still can see the difference between fake and authentic from uv printing quality, and the counterfeit one forgot to print the uv on its serial number. but if we hurry, it will past our uv test because we usually just see the uv reflection.

Also there is a difference on printing ink, thats makes authentic money had very strong printing, and the printing of counterfeit money start to crack after several time, it just like color laser printer. actually i guess it printed with color laser printer, a thing that very suitable for making a copy of ticket, money, coupon, because of its ability to print on various paper and waterproof.

so, what will infrared camera see in this case?.
infrared camera capture the reflection of infrared light bounced from object. in this case , a printed material. Since different ink maybe can deliver same color as we want, but different ink reflect different infrared image . under my test, many ink are just simply disappear, some are still exist, and the important thing is its all have different reflection.
now let's see what happen in the money.

note the counterfeit money is on top 

you see the image are different, the fake one is still clear looks, but the real money are look disappear. its all because different ink.

lets check the  image result from some  authentic money 

3 pieces of authentic money 

here is 4 pieces of authentic money and 1 counterfeit money. By using infrared camera you just simply can see which one is fake from printing reflection image.
 1 counterfeit and 4 authentic money, just see the difference

So this infrared checking mechanism also can be use for checking coupon, fake ticket, etc that have less secure printing and can be fake with laser printer. just make sure the real printing using offset printing, a standard printing machine, not by laser printer ( actually its crazy step if you try to print thousand of ticket using laser printer, it will be much cheaper, reliable, and better quality using offset printer ).

lets take another use of this infrared camera, if you wish to change 1000 to become 1600, it just put some extra line on the number, if you write it carefully it will be looks fine.

the number captured by standar camera exactly like we see with our eyes.

when it dealt with infrared  , double ink because of beeing writen 2 times, will clearly shown. 
you can see the difference in 1 and 6 number, a white spot because of multiple ink

and now lets see how infrared abilty to detect censored word 

captured with standard camera

captured with infrared camera,( click to enlarge)

captured with standard camera
captured with infrared camera

PS. photo information 
all standar image captured with olympus FE 230
all infrared and full spectrum images captured with canon A810 modified


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