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casio QVR300 modified to Infrared

Thursday, September 19, 2013

This time, i tried to be not conservative in canon, i use casio camera.  The type is QV R300, this camera had a nice design, very small but at least it had small grip to hold. Most of camera using lithium batere  are small , sleek but less the finger grip, make it easy to fall. At least this camera is not that type..It easy to grab and use.
And the extra benefit, for camera at this price range below US$110, it had widest lens, 26mm equivalent lens. ( compared to most of canon and nikon and other camera usually have 28mm eq lens in this price range)

see the comparation between canon  and casio QV R300 and box of cigarettes

the unique feature, is the charger, when we charge this camera, the battery should be inside the camera. thats make it cheaper, and versatile, you dont have to carry the charger, all you need is USB power, like PC laptop, or any standard mobile charger.
Nice idea CASIO..........

about the result, well it very good, the lens are sharp, color are vibrant and if i compared with other camera i had modified, it absolutely not infererior than others like canon, nikon, samsung. Casio has run their digital camera business from long time ago. It just not as famous as other, but doest  mean it bad.

The casio qvr300 have more control than other camera in this class. it have sharpness, saturation and contrast control, and doing custom white balance are easy too.

here is some sample taken with Casio QV R300, most  of it taken at 12.00 when the sun shine so bright and above my head you can see from the harsh image, but it still can give a good result. .

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